Shoot Them in The Face


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another 10 year old shot in the head for throwing stones
meet force with force - a
thousand fold deadlier, beyond control
shot them all - in the face
aim to maim or paralyse
clamp down, kill, erase
to resist is to die
just pick them off one by one
live ammunition versus stone
throwing youth
steel against their flesh
and shit against their truth
insurrection in full flame
put to torch it's so insane
recrimination but no lull
open season time to cull gunship
crowd control mowed down
swallowed whole mortars
launched into the crowd
shrapnel sharpened
heightened blow
tear their lives apart
slaughter those who dare to fight
execution from a distance
death sentence for existence
sniper fire
crowd control
dragged around by the throat
it's an excuse to kill for sport
anything to snuff out hope
repression only will survive
all else shoved aside
short bore cannons
now take aim
paint the streets with blood ...
yet again

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